The Annual Grandfather Mountain Naturalist Weekend

The annual Grandfather Mountain Naturalist weekend was a complete success. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to mingle outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer. This event started on Friday, May 20th, and continued until Sunday. There was so much to see that one day was not enough to fully grasp the natural beauty of the region. Many students, tourists, and companies made this an entire weekend get away.

This weekend was a celebration of nature. The Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation hosted this event to introduce people to the area and to give them a chance to see some sights they might not be able to see every day. Visitors were only responsible for the admissions fee to Grandfather Mountain, and the rest of the activities were free.

There were numerous of special attractions that were great options for naturalists and lovers of nature in all of its forms. Even the The Spring Bird Count hosted by the High County Audubon Society starts things off on Friday, followed by a hike, and then a Wildflower Walk along the Grandfather Woods.

GM birdingFor bird song lovers, Saturday offered a chance to hear the marvelous and diverse birds that make Grandfather Mountain their home. There was also a Junior Ranger program perfect for children and teens, and a geology hike!

This year there was a new event that all ages enjoyed to the fullest. The Introduction to the Naturalist’s Journal was perfect for those who wanted to start recording everything they experienced during the hikes. For this event, people needed a pencil or pen and a journal of their choice. TTIG set aside the tablets, cell phones, and laptops behind and brought to life the old fashion pencil. Technology was out and the yellow wooden pencil was in. The day ended with a star gazing event that will leave you breathless. hiking GM

The weekend ended on Sunday at 4pm , with a trail hike guided by a ranger. Guests attended as many or as little events as they wished, and everyone had the opportunity to explore the area on their own, at any time.

This was a great opportunity to get to know the beauty of Grandfather Mountain. Come see nature in all of its glory!