There is nothing like the beauty of nature and contributing to green preservation. Grandfather Mountain is registered with North Carolina Green Travel. This family attraction offers a museum of natural history and is proud to have Dr. Rolland Hower on staff. Dr. Rolland Hower is the former Chief of Natural History Exhibits for the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Hower is world renown in his field, including his work in the freeze dry method of preserving animals to showcase their natural state. Today Dr. Hower is dedicated to expressively portraying the natural history of Grandfather Mountain and the surrounding region. Expect to see his work and photo exhibits with information about each one of the animals that live on the mountain.


The museum showcases North Carolina gems and minerals. Visitors will see emeralds, rubies and the largest amethyst found in North America. The history of North Carolina’s gold mining began in 1799 when a boy found a fourteen pound gold nugget in Little Meadow Creek. The museum features an exhibit of North Carolina Tar Heel Gold and educates its visitors on the history of gold in the region.


Grandfather Mountain had been visited by explorers such as; Frontiersman Daniel Boone, French Botanist Andrew Michaux and Darwinian Botanist Asa Gray. People from all over the world come to look at the lifelike wax models¬†of the flora found on the mountain each model is handcrafted by Paul Marchand. Paul Marchand’s art is displayed in more than 40 institutions, including the Smithsonian and Chicago’s field Museum of Natural History.

The Nature Museum also has Native American artifacts. A unique assortment of bowls, arrow heads, stone tools, from the Woodland Period to the Paleo-Indian Period were found locally and are on display.


Ticket Price
Guest Price
Children (Under 4 years) Free
Children (4yrs-12yrs) $9
Adults (13yrs – 59 yrs) $20
Seniors (60+yrs) $18