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Grandfather Mountain-L

Grandfather Mountain is the tallest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountain range, topping out at just under 6,000 feet. Grandfather Mountain got its name when early settlers thought they saw the face of an old man in the mountain. The Indian Americans called the mountain peak Tanawha, meaning eagle.

This mountain is home of large habitat of flora and is an amazing experience for tourists in their exploration and sightseeing. Hikers enjoy the severe weather conditions and breathtaking panoramic views that the mountain offers. There is approximately a 12 mile trail and backpacking camping site from the Profile Trailhead on NC 105.

A large tourist attraction is the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games that started in late 1950s and have continued annually to this day. Despite the main theme of the games being Scottish power events, women have started participating recently, adding diversity to the event. Another attraction to the mounting are signing events that have been popular since the 1920s. The high peak in the Blue Ridge Mountain range is the ideal place for the Highland Games, since many of North Carolina’s High Country residents are of Scots-Irish descent. The mountain setting closely resembles Scotland, which is what drew many Scots-Irish immigrants to the area after they arrived in America. When visitors to the Highland Games see Grandfather Mountain awash in tartan plaids, with the sounds of bagpipes and Scottish Gaelic and the smell of haggis and fish and chips in the air, they will swear they are in Scotland.