Grandfather Mountain is famous for its diversity in plant life and other flora.

From observing Azalea to walks under lines of beautiful trees, Grandfather Mountain offers a great botanical experience.

Azalea Vaseyi

This is North Carolina’s native flora. This gentle blossom starts appearing in the mid to late May at high elevations. Experience the beauty of this pink blossom at Grandfather Mountain.

Azalea in Grandfather MountianPlant Life on Grandfather Mountain


Fringed Phacelia

This wildflower grows in late April, early May. This beautiful phacelia is visible at the beginning of the Profile Trail, near the Watauga River.


Catawba Rhododendron

The initial blossoms of this light pink beauty appear late May. This is a common flora in the Grandfather Mountain, seen all around the area, at different elevations, and even near the Swinging Bridge.


Heller’s Blazing Star

The liatris grows in high elevations, full sun exposed areas, during July and August. The largest blossoms are found on the Grandfather Mountain.

hellers blazing star

Explore the Flora of Grandfather Mountain during the Fall months when the leaves are changing colors and in the Spring when everything is new.