About Us

Our goal at GFM News is simple. We are here to bring the latest and up to date developments in our community and our scenic tourist attraction, Grandfather Mountain. We would like the public to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountain as much as we do from the comfort of their home or up close and personal with a visit.

The Linville, North Carolina community is a vibrant part of the nature that is around us. We co-exist together and the mountain is part of our living, economy and our recreation.

At almost 6,000 feet elevation and with two amazing mountain ranges that attract thousands of visitors every year, Appalachian Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains, the Grandfather Mountain is truly an attraction to behold. The mountain is well known for the highest swinging bridge in America, constructed in 1952, that connects two mountain peaks. This was a privately owned landscape that become part of the North Carolina State Park system in 2008, a few years after the owner past away.

We are proud to keep you informed on the history of the mountain along with the latest development in our community and to serve as a guide toward the attractions around the beautiful landscape. Let yourself be indulged by the natural beauty of the Grandfather Mountain.

Grandfather Mountain News
Spruce Pine, North Carolina